We’ve improved our already simple to use employee shift swap system! Staff members can now give up a shift to any employee who can work the position (by choosing Anyone), or a shift can be given specifically to another employee (by choosing that employee’s name from the drop-down list).   Shift swaps created in this way must still be approved or denied by an appropriate manager or supervisor.

shift swap system

Employees can shift swap with any applicable staff member, or a specific employee

This new shift swap feature allows direct communication between staff members while attempting to trade or swap already scheduled shifts.

When a shift swap is approved by management, TimeForge will notify the employee who is giving up the shift that the shift swap has been approved and that they are no longer responsible. The employee picking up the shift will be notified that they are now responsible.

How long does it take to make a schedule for your employees? It should take less than 5 minutes!   Did you know that TimeForge can reduce labor costs and streamline labor management by effectively scheduling your restaurant, hotel, bar, club, grocery store, or retail business.   Sign up for a trial today!

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