At TimeForge we are continuing to innovate employee scheduling and labor management – always making employee schedules easier to build and maintain.   And we recently introduced Employee Schedule Snapshots … a new and easy way to save, restore, and perform “What If” scenarios on your employee work schedule.

What can you use Employee Schedule Snapshots for?

Schedule Snapshots are useful for performing point-in-time saves. TimeForge schedules are automatically saved anytime any field is modified, but sometimes it is useful to save the current schedule before making any modifications – so that you may come back to it if necessary.   Schedule Snapshots allow you to archive the current version of the schedule, along with some quick stats about the number of shifts, and the cost of the schedule.

At any point in time, a previous Schedule Snapshot can easily be restored.   Simply choose which snapshot you’d like to restore, and your employee work schedule will immediately roll back to the previously saved Schedule Snapshot.

Quickly roll-back the schedule and perform what-if scenarios with your employee schedules

Employee Schedule Snapshots are available on the Schedule Detail page, and are very useful for:

  • Integrating newly hired staff members (Identifying which shifts can be moved around to accommodate the new employees)
  • Locating shifts that can be removed or modified to reduce labor costs
  • Viewing the effects of a shift swap or drastic schedule change prior to actually “doing it”
  • Rolling back to a previous version of the current employee schedule
  • And other “What If?” scenarios with the work schedule and staff members

What do you think of our Employee Schedule Snapshots?   We’d love to hear from you!

TimeForge labor management software (employee scheduling software, attendance software, and others) is used by owners and operators of restaurants, retail stores, bars, grills, and other service-oriented businesses to increase profits, reduce turnover, and improve retention.

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