Scheduling minors and senior citizens couldn’t be easier! In many locations, your staff members who are under a legal age (minors) must be scheduled according to specific legal regulations. Commonly, these labor rules require minors to work on specific days (for example, only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), fewer than 1 shift per day (no doubles), or less than a certain number of hours per week.

TimeForge makes compliance with these corporate, local, state, and national regulations easy! You and your Human Resources department can easy build age-specific rules, specifying when employees can, or cannot, work.

Some of the rules that can be specified include:

  • Minimum or maximum scheduled hours per week, such as “Maximum of 40 hours per week”
  • Minimum or maximum scheduled shifts per week, such as “No fewer than 2 shifts per week”
  • Minimum or maximum scheduled shifts per day, such as “No doubles”

Additionally, age rules include availability requests that can be specified on a calendar, just like TimeForge employee requests!

To access the Age Rules, login to TimeForge, and then choose the “Employees” tab, and then click on “Age Rules”.

Hot Tip: Age Rules can be used to define corporate-wide standards for scheduling employees. For example, you can define age rules for minors you employee, another age rule for employees aged 18 , 65, and a final age rule for senior citizens.

Hot Tip Two: Within TimeForge, you can have as many age rules as you would like. For example, the rules for scheduling minors who are 14 – 15 may be different than the rules for scheduling 16 , 17 year old minors. In this case, TimeForge will allow you to define two separate groups of age rules to schedule your employees. You can have as many groups as you would like!

How long does it take to make your employee labor schedule? It should take less than 5 minutes! Did you know that TimeForge can streamline and minimize labor costs through effective employee scheduling at your retail business, restaurant, bar, club, or hotel?

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