Get Management Back on the Floor!

TimeForge products keep businesses running by improving profits and reducing expenses. Designed specifically for restaurant, food-service, hospitality, and retail businesses. The TimeForge suite of products will control labor costs, improve staff communication, record key performance indicators, increase the job satisfaction of employees, reduce turnover, and much more.

TimeForge Scheduling

TimeForge Scheduling keeps managers on the floor – not stuck in the back office trying to build an employee schedule. Online employee scheduling has never been more simple, convenient, or secure! Some other benefits include:

  • One-click AutoSchedulerâ„¢ system builds schedules fast
  • Control budgeted labor costs, improving store profits
  • Automatic email and text messages to staff members
  • Sales forecasting and on-demand notifications for accurate labor controls
  • Reduce employee turnover and improve retention

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TimeForge Attendance

TimeForge Attendance keeps your business running! Employee clock-in and clock-out times are accurately collected in a simple to use web-based program, or use one of our biometric fingerprint readers. TimeForge Attendance can also read data directly from your POS system. Real-time reports eliminate payroll headaches for both employees and managers. Additional benefits include:

  • Easily track Time & Attendance any way you want
  • Automate payroll reporting to popular payroll processors
  • Fingerprint scanners and time clocks eliminate buddy punching
  • Remotely monitor who is clocked in, and check on your daily labor budget
  • Enforce the schedule and control labor spending

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TimeForge Applicant Tracking

TimeForge Applicant Tracking helps ensure you always hire the best employee for your company! Create a job posting from within TimeForge and post it straight to our job board. Once an applicant applies, easily compare applicants based on interview notes and manager ratings. Additional features inclued:

  • Option to require applicants to answer a questionnaire
  • Automatically imported documents, such as resumes and cover letters, from the application
  • Create application steps to suit your employee hiring process
  • Schedule application steps
  • Access for all interviewers in the hiring process to avoid overlap or confusion

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TimeForge Daily Log

TimeForge Daily Log replaces pen-and-paper communication logs stored in the back office of many restaurants and retail businesses. It is a powerful and easy-to-use communication tool that saves time and improves store profits. Some additional features of the Daily Log include:

  • Easily search and sort notes about the business, sales, or staff
  • Upload documents for team members (menu updates, human resource documents, training, and more)
  • Analyze emerging business trends and employee problems
  • Assign upcoming tasks and duties to staff members
  • Record when every note is made and which staff member made the note

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TimeForge Human Resources

TimeForge Human Resources allows you to easily maintain, manage, and scale your workforce. TimeForge makes quick work of managing onboarding and training documents, skill sets for staff  members, tracking sick and vacation time, storing important documents, and much more! Some additional HR features include:

  • One-click hire and termination of staff members
  • Manage onboarding documents, staff training, and certifications
  • Quickly review and update sick / vacation / PTO time
  • Track both positive and negative notes about team members
  • Identify specific skill sets for staff members

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TimeForge Mobile App

It doesn’t matter if you are on the floor or out of the office, the TimeForge labor management app allows you to monitor your employee scheduling and employee attendance sheets from the palm of your hand!

  • View staff schedules
  • View time-off requests, open shifts, and shift swaps
  • Easily see which employees are clocked in
  • Stay within labor budgets by accessing project and actual labor costs
  • Contact employees by email or phone with the tap of a finger

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POS Integration

Do you have in-depth integration with your Point of Sale or Property Management system? All of our products have a complete web API, and we have pre-built integrations for a number of systems, including Retalix ISS45, IBM ACE, Aloha, Micros, Dinerware, Restaurant Manager, POSitouch, and several others.

Restaurant Scheduling Software

TimeForge is the perfect restaurant scheduling software for single or multiple locations, for franchise groups, and for corporate locations. TimeForge becomes a complete labor management software product when integrated with your Point of Sale system – synchronizing staff members, enabling one-click payroll exports, and scaling from a single owner-operator to hundreds of international locations. You’ve found the solution for your restaurant scheduling needs!

Retail Scheduling Software

TimeForge was designed from the ground-up to meet all of the labor management needs of retailers of all sizes – including restaurants, grocery stores, and general retail stores. Building upon our success with restaurant scheduling software, TimeForge now interfaces with several retail Point of Sale systems. Synchronizing staff members, providing a single-click payroll export for as many stores as you need, and scaling from one store to hundreds of locations is now easy. Look no further for your retail labor management needs!