On Sunday night, we released the latest version of TimeForge, the groundbreaking, simple and easy to use employee scheduling software. This new version continues to improve the TimeForge software, adding many new features so you can go home sooner!

What’s New?

Supervisor role. Do you have multiple managers at your location who create employee schedules? Do all of your managers need access to TimeForge.com, but they should not be able to see each other’s wages? Then they are TimeForge supervisors! Within TimeForge, turning an employee into a supervisor (or manager) is simple! Edit the employee and change their “Employee Type” to be “A Supervisor“.

You can control what permissions supervisors have by changing your Location Settings. Login to TimeForge.com, and click on the “Settings” tab. Then, click on the “Settings for this Location“, and find the “TimeForge configuration” section. At your discretion, supervisors can change employees, requests, and shift swaps.

New Pricing Model. Due to overwhelming demand, the TimeForge pricing model for our simple scheduling software has become even simpler. TimeForge now comes in two flavors: a basic version (at $1.50 per employee per month) and an enhanced version (at $2.00 per employee per month). Existing customers can continue with their current price, or upgrade to the new model at their discretion.

Faster. Most of TimeForge.com received significant speed improvements, including the AutoScheduler and the requests / availability areas. A faster TimeForge means that you get done scheduling faster , and go home sooner!

How long does it take to make your employee schedules? It should take less than 5 minutes! Did you know that TimeForge can streamline and minimize labor expenses through effective employee labor management at your business, bar, club, or restaurant.

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