Starbucks employee schedule

The largest coffee retailer, Starbucks, is changing its scheduling system to have fewer employees “‘clopening’—…shut[ting] down the store for the night and return[ing] just a few hours later to open for the next day.” You can read about the changes to the Starbucks employee schedule in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The goal of the new scheduling program is to show that Starbucks is a humane company that truly cares about the lives and well-beings of its employees.

The BusinessWeek article was in response to a New York Times article about a single mother working at Starbucks and struggling to find the time to give her son the attention he deserves. With smart and caring labor scheduling, Starbucks should be able to reduce turnover, keep employees happy, and be known for the values it wishes to be associated with. Great employee schedules are such an important part of any business, because they are an important part of each employee’s life. Starbucks is a great example to follow!

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