Using Qualitative Controls

Although many issues can be measured using quantitative measures, some issues contributing to your P&L, such as employee turnover and customer satisfaction, need to be measured qualitatively. Qualitative controls can also be extended to purchasing by ordering specific brands based upon their quality and cost attributes and buying food, beverage, sanitation, and other products in the most appropriate weights or package sizes to optimize costs.

Stringent inventory control procedures also contribute to managing food costs. While a manual inventory control system is better than no inventory control system, computerized systems offer a method for easily managing the entire inventory control process, which includes receiving, storage, issuing, quality control, waste and theft-prevention measures. Beverage management, while a part of overall inventory control, requires additional oversight in order to regulate pours and to ensure that each drink served is priced correctly, according to liquor brand. By using qualitative measurements in specific aspects of your restaurant, such as inventory control, you can greatly minimize the excessive expenses that your business may be experiencing.

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