Our employee scheduling product, TimeForge, has been featured on RunningRestaurants.com, a members-only sister site of RestaurantReport.com In the interview, I discussed some of the special features in TimeForge, such as the AutoScheduler, employee schedule alerts, employee requests, and setting up availability.

Thanks very much to Jaime Oikle and his staff for featuring our software!

Some of the topics that we covered included:

  • Labor scheduling has been done on paper for years … why should a restaurant look at moving to web based employee scheduling?
  • Do employees like to use labor scheduling systems like TimeForge?
  • What are employee notifications, and do employee alerts help keep staff happy, and reduce turnover?
  • Does a web based employee scheduling software positively effect employee turnover?
  • In 15 seconds (or less), tell restaurant operators and managers why they should use TimeForge for their scheduling needs.
  • How long does it take to learn a powerful labor scheduling system like TimeForge, and how much time do owners/managers spend with your system on a weekly basis to manage the schedules?

Feel free to let us know if you think we forgot something important!

You can read the complete article on RunningRestaurants.com

How long does it take to make your employee schedules? It should take less than 5 minutes! Did you know that TimeForge can streamline and minimize labor costs through effective employee labor management at your business, bar, club, grocery, convenience store, or restaurant.

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