Any manager in a customer-centric business will tell you that employee scheduling is a headache, but in the quick service restaurant industry, employee scheduling is particularly challenging. Multiple shifts, part-time employees (each with their own set of scheduling requests), and endless inquiries about next week’s schedule make quick service restaurants (QSRs) one of the most complicated industries for staff scheduling and attendance monitoring. Toss in an employee who is a minor, and the headache reaches migraine proportions for QSR operators.

Deft scheduling and attendance monitoring is tedious and time consuming–and essential for profitability.

TimeForge allows managers to cut QSR employee scheduling time from hours to minutes. In challenging economic times, the ability to manage schedules at one or many locations, schedule staff members with stronger skills into high volume time slots, and monitor and forecast labor costs makes TimeForge not just a time-saver, but a budget-booster. In fact, TimeForge can increase QSR profits by with savings in employee turnover, staffing changes, and increased retention.

TimeForge can also integrate with quick service restaurant POS or payroll systems, notify employees of upcoming schedules and schedule changes by email or text message, and allows managers to focus on urgent managerial duties (rather than mind-numbing scheduling minutia). You’ll find that the time saved during the first week alone pays for the investment.

With TimeForge, QSR Managers can…

  • Create fast and painless employee schedules–even with multiple locations, 24/7 shift requirements, meal breaks, and juggling employees with varying availability and skill sets.
  • Review daily sales information, approve shift swaps, review employee requests for time off, and monitor employees on the clock either remotely, through the TimeForge website, via a Smartphone (such as a Blackberry or iPhone), or even through Facebook.
  • Stop employees from clocking in before the shift starts or after the shift ends, and keep staff members from punching in friends with biometrics (fingerprint scanners).
  • Export payroll to many popular payroll providers with a single click, such as ADP, Paychex, SurePayroll, and others.
  • Track PTO, sick time, vacation time, and reduce payroll costs with accurate record keeping.
  • Integrate sales forecasting for gross sales or specific menu items–build schedules using the metrics your business runs on.
  • Inform employees of schedules or schedule changes by text message or email, eliminating employee confusion and missed shifts.
  • Record important information from one manager’s shift to another using the TimeForge Daily Log.
  • Monitor and forecast upcoming labor costs and schedule requirements automatically.
  • And much more…

TimeForge is a complete labor management solution for the restaurant and hospitality industry, providing one-click seamless access to employee scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll reports. Use the whole TimeForge product suite, or only the parts that your business requires.

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