Many liquor store owners make small mistakes that often have major negative effects in their stores. However, these silent profit killers can go undiagnosed for years, often until it’s too late to implement the changes necessary to make a business thrive. So what are these silent profit killers? Lacking an adequate solution for getting rid of dead stock or slow moving items, excessive buying (holding more stock than is necessary for your sales volume), and careless labor management. These three seemingly minor errors have dramatic consequences for the bottom line of liquor stores.

TimeForge can’t do anything about your slow-moving inventory, and we can’t reduce the amount of product you order, but we can definitely help you with labor management. TimeForge can give you the tools to quickly and easily streamline your labor management so that you can see direct benefits emerge in your employee morale, attendance, customer satisfaction, all culminating in an improvement in your bottom line.

Best of all, TimeForge saves you time. We can reduce the amount of time you spend scheduling from hours to minutes. That’s right, you’re not the only manager or owner that spends hours on employee scheduling. You’ve got to coordinate multiple employees with different skill levels and availabilities, accrued PTOs, and time off requests. Once you’ve finally thrown together a decent-looking schedule, you’ll inevitably get a call-in from a sick employee or a last-minute time off request, then you re-notify your employees about the seemingly ever-changing schedule.   Once the schedule had been implemented and everything seems to be going smoothly, you’ll get a few shift swap requests, and reorganize the schedule. It’s no wonder the whole process takes you hours every week.

Consider how important attendance monitoring is, after all of this hard scheduling work. Sometimes it may feel like you’re babysitting, but you’ve got to stop employees from riding the clock or punching others in. A few minutes here and there add up quickly… and you’re paying for it dearly.

TimeForge is a complete labor management solution for the liquor industry, providing one-click seamless access to employee scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll reports. Use the whole TimeForge product suite, or only the parts that your business requires. In fact, TimeForge can increase liquor store profits by 3-5%.

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