The fourth of July is right around the corner. Preparing for this busy day is essential. When this holiday arrives it is important to make sure you have the right amount of employees.

The best solution for this is to hire supplemental staff. This will increase your workforce and will help manage the demands for the season. You should take time in hiring them. It is important not to think of them as temporary workers because you may need them in the future or they may have the potential to be a regular employee.

Make sure to prepare early. Also, you need to know when to keep your business open or have shortened hours to give your employees a break. Inform your staff of your plans this season as early as possible. Note their time off requests and schedule preferences for this season to reduce being understaffed.

You may also offer incentives like bonuses for attendance. Another idea is gifts and perks like grocery store gift cards, gift certificates, or phone cards. Also, it may be possible to cross train your employees to expand their skills within the business. Be fair when you take some time off as the boss because if you can’t give your employees the same treatment it may cause problems. Allocate properly the shifting of your employees to maintain balance to everyone’s schedule.

The stress can easily be dissolved with employee scheduling software. You can quickly input and adjust certain parameters like having more time offs, readjusting employee availability, addition of staff, and shift needs. This employee scheduling software will save you time and increase employee efficiency.

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