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Here’s an email from Andy Brown, who works at Benchmark Adventures, an amazing outdoor retailer in Boise, Idaho.   Andy’s working to bring the store online with both employee scheduling and their marketing operations (website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts).

Our initial email from Andy:

“I work for an outdoor retail store that has managed to stay in business for 40 years.   On the owners behalf I have spent a few days to look for software that would replace manually doing the schedule in excel.   The owner has been overwhelmed with accommodating school schedules, swaps, and requested time off.   We are all big outdoor enthusiasts that would prefer to be out playing in the outdoors than working.   Just the other day when the entire staff was pissed off about scheduling outcomes I offered to look into some software that would take the pain out.   I looked at three or four other software programs / services.

The other day I found your software and have been even more impressed with it the more I experiment with it.   I have a few questions for you.

Question 1 – Can I get another 10 day demo period when he is ready to work on the schedule again?

Question 2 – During our weekdays we have Early, All Day, and Late shifts.   On our current calendar all that is listed is E, A, and L respectively.   The whole staff that works here knows what those letters mean.   Can a report be designed that would list 4 two week blocks on the schedule with names on the left and days across the top?   We are looking for the shift names to show up instead of the times people will be working.   This allows 4, two week pay periods to be displayed on a single sheet of paper.

I’m very interested in your product and it is clearly the best I have looked at.   The search for scheduling software is over.

We were able to extend Andy’s trial another 10 days, as he requested, so that he and the owner could review the software in depth.

And, because our system is extremely flexible, allowing users to schedule they way that they want to schedule, Andy’s second question was also very easy to solve.   We set Andy up with Sections / Stations inside of each Position, and showed him how to export reports to Excel.   He was able to quickly manipulate our reports inside of Excel, and in a matter of minutes had a schedule for several weeks, completed for the staff to review.

We live and breath labor management, and are continuously improving our software to make sure that we take the hassle out of labor management.

Don’t believe us?   Take TimeForge for a spin for your retail employee scheduling needs!

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