TimeForge Scheduling provides flexible, powerful and easy-to-use tools to build and publish an employee schedule, communicate with your staff members, and focus on generating revenue instead of paper-work.   TimeForge Scheduling excels at restaurant schedule creation, scheduling for retailers, and building schedules for other hospitality related industries.

Here’s a list of some of our scheduling features (and it doesn’t include everything we can do with time and attendance, human resources, or our other products).

Employee Scheduling Features

“Basic” Scheduling Features include:

Unlimited employees, multiple locations, employee information management, printable schedules (including individual schedules), online access to posted schedules, data import/export capabilities, data restore and backup capabilities, and password protection for employees and managers.

Additionally, TimeForge offers department management, modified leave types, employee age rules for minors and seniors, availability and requests modified by employees with management approval, position/employee skill levels, sales figures and analytics, and a “Daily Log” with messaging capabilities.

“Advanced” scheduling features include:

Schedule setup wizard, ability to assign jobs/projects/assignments, schedule full or part time employees, assign multiple shifts to same employee on the same day, color-coded shifts, defined holidays and week start day, schedule conflict warnings, and monthly, weekly, and daily views.

Additionally, TimeForge Scheduling offers an interactive User Wizard used to input and modify position/employee information, hourly rate information per position, a unique AutoScheduler which automatically creates the most profit and employee friendly schedule possible, employee shift swapping, employee breaks management, schedule template creation, and automatic employee notification via text message, eMail, and/or Facebook notification! Yes , employees can access their schedule information via social networking sites like Facebook, or from any smartphone!

Staff Scheduling Views and Reports include:

Weekly employee hours, shifts per day/employee, employees lists, time off summary, and daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Additionally, TimeForge offers over 40 different reports, including employee shift satisfaction ratings, listed unassigned shifts, shift swapping reports, employees who missed assigned shifts, employee certification documentation, employee request charts, employee notifications (which lists the date and time that each employee received schedule notifications from TimeForge), schedule versus attendance summaries, extensive schedule views, employee breaks reports and worksheets, cost analysis charts, multiple labor overview summaries, and much more!

Help and Documentation includes:

Phone support, help documentation, manufacturer link, tutorials and a tour, FAQs, eMail, and general contact forms. Additionally, TimeForge offers help forums, help requests, online manuals (including a video manual!), and help text for every page and feature.

TimeForge Scheduling is easily incorporated to interact with your POS/PMS configuration, and works optimally with all other TimeForge products, including TimeForge HR, TimeForge Attendance, and Daily Log.

Sign up for a free trial today to try out these fantastic features!

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