TimeForge is both powerful and flexible!   We provide a stable and simple labor management platform that gives you, the user, the power you need to manage your workforce.

One way that TimeForge provides simple labor scheduling is by providing you, the user, with the ability to schedule staff any way you want to.   That’s right – schedule your labor based on the requirements of your business!

TimeForge supports building schedules in many different ways, and provides flexible, powerful, and easy to use tools to make sure you can get done building the schedule, communicate with your staff members, and go home early!   For example, you can build schedules:

  • One shift at a time, using day parts (Work Periods) or specific time periods
  • Bulk copying of shifts from one day to another
  • Copying work shifts from one employee to another
  • Using daily templates with predefined shifts
  • Utilizing weekly templates with dozens or hundreds of shifts
  • Bid shifts, which allow staff members to help build the schedule
  • Copying a previous schedule to create a new schedule for next week
  • Daily, using a gantt chart to oversee your exact staffing needs
  • Weekly, using an Excel-like interface to quickly and easily schedule staff

And all of these staff scheduling options can use “fixed employee” scheduling … where you, the manager, choose the employee you want to work.   Alternatively, you can build labor schedules using the automated power of the TimeForge AutoScheduler.

Edit a Shift in the Detail View

Edit a Shift in the Detail View

In addition, you can build schedules using departments, where you can appoint a supervisor to oversee the schedule, availability changes, and staff communication.

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