by Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern

Apps are designed to entertain us, inform us, and make our lives easier. They help us solve problems, come up with new solutions, and save time and money. The most frequently used apps are those which help us take notes, remember appointments, and organize our lives.  Huffington Post reports that small businesses that use a small business app to help their operation save more than 370 million of their own hours and 725 million employee hours annually. Small business owners that use mobile apps to help them streamline their management end up saving an average of $275 per week, which adds up to $14,000 annually!

When you use a labor management app, like TimeForge’s mobile app, you’ll be saving your business time and money. You can view schedules, see who’s clocked in, see any pending requests, view your daily log, and even easily contact your employees with the tap of a finger. Being able to manage your employees whether you’re at work or at home is a great benefit. All you need is a smart phone and you can make sure that everything is still going well in your stores. When you use TimeForge as a mobile employee scheduling solution, you’re able to make sure that people are clocking in and clocking out at the times that they need to. If they aren’t, you can easily address the problem immediately. Plus, if your managers need to communicate with you using the daily log, you can quickly check that and see what’s been going on. You can even see your projected labor costs and your actual labor costs, which will help you save money over time!

If you’re ready to try out the TimeForge Manager mobile app, you can download it for iOS or for Android devices!

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2 Responses to “Save Time and Money with Mobile Apps!”

  1. Ray Jun 07, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

    Is this available on the kindle fire?

  2. apresley Jun 07, 2013 at 3:43 pm #

    Ray – You can download the app from the Google Play store, and then upload or email it to your Kindle. We’re working on a Kindle Fire release … but right now, it’s not available in the Kindle store.