Over this past weekend, we migrated our servers from one location in Dallas to a second location in Dallas.   We also added two new database servers to the TimeForge cloud, and although a few items in the transition were a little bumpy (thanks for your patience!), we got everything migrated on late Saturday and early Sunday.

Dallas, home to our servers, has been part of a drought affected area for some time … and at about 1am on Sunday morning it decided to pour – raining for hours upon hours.   Moving computers / electronics in the rain is always risky, so it took longer than expected to migrate all of the pieces and get everything brought back online.

This was part 1 of our hardware upgrades, and parts 2 and 3 are soon to happen.

Part 2 will be to bring the new database servers online – our two new servers come complete with redundant network connections, power supplies, and tons of redundant storage.   The two database servers are, in fact, redundant between each other, making sure that hardware failures keep all of the TimeForge data (schedules, payroll, and everything else) safe.   Part 2 is currently scheduled for this Sunday night, October 16th, from 1am – 4am.

Part 3 of our migration will be to add some additional horsepower (CPU upgrades and RAM upgrades) to the older servers, and then setting it up so that all three of our front-end servers are available to assist users with scheduling.   Part 3 will be completed the weekend of October 29th.