What’s your name?
Sarah Dart

What do you do at TimeForge?

How long have you been working with TimeForge?
I was recently hired as an Intern.

What’s your favorite part of working at TimeForge?
My favorite part is working with friendly coworkers who are willing to teach me new things.

How do you make the lives of TimeForge customers better?
By providing prompt and friendly customer service.

What was your first hourly job (what did you do, what company)?
I worked at Anderson Mill pool as a Lifeguard.

What was your first restaurant or retail job (what did you do, what company)?
I worked at Berry Hill Baja Grill in Austin, TX as a server.

What’s your favorite hobby?
My favorite hobby is jogging. My goal is to run a half marathon.

What’s your favorite sports team?
As a current Texas Tech student, my favorite sports team would have to be Texas Tech’s football team.

Any pets?  What kind, and what are their names?
I don’t have any pets but I am thinking about getting a turtle.


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