If you own or manage a restaurant, having a tool that will help you with staff scheduling is critical for efficiency and productivity. With today’s technology, there is no excuse to have your managers hacking away at an excel spreadsheet. Regardless of your business concept, there is a restaurant scheduling software that will fit perfectly with the way you handle your business. TimeForge Labor Management software fits the bill for restaurants because it was designed specifically for the restaurant industry, and it’s flexible enough to handle the most complicated schedule just as efficiently as the most simple one.

TimeForge online software allows employees to add cell numbers and email addresses so they can automatically receive easy to understand schedule information. With TimeForge, employees can be notified about updated schedules, requests that have been approved or denied, swap shifts, and anything else that management wants employees kept in the loop about.

With the use of restaurant scheduling software¬†like TimeForge, scheduling (and rescheduling) can be done quickly and easily. TimeForge takes this one step further, offering tools to make scheduling effortless. Management can either build a schedule one shift at a time, or use templates, the AutoScheduler, the ShiftBuilder, sales-to-labor thresholds, or any combination of those tools to build a schedule within TimeForge in a matter of seconds each week. With TimeForge, managers can even use TimeForge’s Schedule Forecaster to auto-generate a schedule based on previous coverage needs.

TimeForge software also includes break scheduling. Ensuring that employee breaks are properly planned out is a critical step in the scheduling process that often gets overlooked until the shift starts. The right restaurant scheduling software for your business will eliminate confusion and overlapping schedules, and will improve morale, retention, and customer satisfaction.

Employees love scheduling software (and productivity will reflect improved morale) because they don’t need to wait for management to print out schedules for the upcoming work week. Employees can be automatically notified anywhere through texts, emails, or through the employee portal. With online requests, management can be sure that employees aren’t being scheduled on days they’ve been approved off (employees like that feature too!).

Data storage (archiving) is a particularly useful feature of restaurant scheduling software. A few software products (including TimeForge) will store availability, requests, preferred schedules of employees, shift swaps, messages, shift ratings, shift confirmations, and more.

Technology has advanced; use restaurant scheduling software to increase profits! While directly affecting profit through trimming labor costs and reducing administrative costs, a quality software product like TimeForge will also indirectly improve profit through increased operational efficiency and productivity. Owners and managers can spend more time improving the business instead of scheduling and delegating tasks.

TimeForge labor management software can save you time and money. Sign up for a free trial today!

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    Thanks for sharing this informative blog with us. I am fully agree with you that accessing manually employees schedule, task sheet, attendence are time consuming and difficult for management but with Restaurant scheduling software which you are providing that can be done quickly and easily, whoever use this software will surely get benefits