by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate

Phone time clocks allow employees to clock in and out for work via phone.  They are especially beneficial for managers with employees that work on location instead of in an office environment. An employee that works out of the office can easily clock in by calling a toll-free or local number once they have reached the location they will be working at that day (depending how the employer has chosen to set up the system).  The system then prompts the employee for an identification and pass code to validate the employee’s identity.

Phone time clocks also allow managers to choose whether they would like to enforce the schedule.  If the schedule is enforced, managers will never again have to worry about their employees clocking in too early or out too late.  That means employees won’t be working when they aren’t supposed to be working, which helps managers stay within their labor budgets.

All of the information from phone time clocks is then saved in the cloud and can be reviewed by managers.  This saves managers a lot of time, allowing them to get back to managing their staff instead of entering employee attendance for those that work off site.  And it saves many companies money by eliminating the need to pay employees for travel time because they had to clock in at the office before commuting to the site they would be working at that day.

Phone time clocks can also be beneficial for employers with employees that don’t work off site.  They work great for employers with a large complex.  For example, a company may have many departments, including an aquatic center that does not have a computer nearby.  Phone time clocks are a great way for lifeguards and swim instructors to clock in and out without having to do so on the other side of the complex before walking to the pool.

More often than not, employers can choose whether they wish to restrict what number an employee has to call from to clock in and out instead of allowing employees to clock in from any number, like their cellphone.  This ensures that employees are clocking in only when they are ready to work or, as in the case of the example above, are at the pool.  No more will you have to worry about an employee clocking in on time, but starting work late because they took an extra 7 minutes to chat with friends while walking over to the pool.  Call To Clock In helps enforce the schedule and save money by more effectively managing attendance punches!

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