By Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern

TimeForge Attendance is already a powerful tool for business owners to use, but sometimes getting to a computer to clock in or out can be difficult. If your computer is in the back office and employees need to be in the front, they can waste a lot of time getting all the way back to the computer, clocking in and then getting all the way back up to the front. This scenario is especially applicable in businesses that do off-prem events, like catering, construction, or parking services. That’s why we added a cool feature – Call To Clock In - which allows your employees to use a phone time clock instead of having to use a computer or a wall clock.

Using a telephone time clock can be a great benefit to companies with employees who need to get in and get working fast. Employees who don’t have access to a computer will be able to clock in easily, without wasting time (or later “guessing” at what time they got there). Call To Clock In will automatically input attendance information into TimeForge Attendance, so there’s no pain in writing down times and entering them manually. It’s really simple to use too! All you do is call up the number you’re provided with, then enter in your PIN. You can choose to use our national number or have a local number for your employees to call. You can also choose to use the 7-digit TimeForge PIN or you can set your employees up with a PIN that you choose.

If you want to, you can still enforce schedules the same way that TimeForge Attendance normally does so nobody is clocking in an hour before their scheduled time – unless you allow it! What’s even better is that clocking in via phone will work with any time clock that TimeForge is compatible with already. So if you’ve got a TimeForge Biometric TimeClock or USB fingerprint scanner, you can clock in over the phone and clock out using the website, the time clock or the phone. This helps give your employees more options and your business more flexibility. Call To Clock In is a simple time clock that lets your employees get clocked in and get on with their work day.

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