June 27, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone!

Here are a couple of updates we’ve recently added that can help you get even more out of TimeForge.

Expiring Certifications Report

You can now run a report that will notify you of the date when an employee’s certifications will expire. This is great for staying on top of things like work permits and certifications (like CPR or Servsafe) so that you always know your employees are eligible to work.

Leave Type and Unavailable Alert

TimeForge now offers a couple of new notifications for when employees request time off. You can choose to be notified when an employee submits a request to use a leave type. You can also select to be notified when an employee submits an “unavailable” request (“does not want to work”, and “is unavailable to work”). This way, if managers only want to be informed when employees want to use sick time, PTO, or any other leave type, they won’t be receiving emails for simple “unavailable”requests.