What’s your name?
Jose Luis.

What do you do at TimeForge?
I do programming, basically implement in Java or .net. I work sometimes with HTML and Javascript

How long have you been working with TimeForge?
Since around 2008

What’s your favorite part of working at TimeForge?
Improving my skills. I am involved in several interesting things that need smart solutions and usage of the technology.

How do you make the lives of TimeForge customers better?
I try to get them what they really need or ask, obviously having it working like it’s expected to.

What was your first hourly job (what did you do, what company)?
TimeForge is my first job.

What’s your favorite hobby?
My favorite hobby is to deal with hardware and fix computers. I like to search and find out why a computer is not working, then fix it and make the owner happy.

What’s your favorite sports team?
I don’t have a favorite team, but I like Wilstermann soccer team.

Any pets? What kind, and what are their names?
I don’t currently have any pets. I would like to have a dog, but I don’t have enough space for him.