by Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern

Does your company offer holiday pay? TimeForge makes it a lot easier to calculate holiday pay when you use TimeForge Human Resources. TimeForge has a great feature called “Holiday Calendars”. You can simply add a new holiday calendar, add in the holidays on which employees get extra pay, and then assign it to each employee.

Holiday pay can help set your company apart from the crowd. If a talented employee is comparing jobs with similar hours and pay, they are likely going to compare benefit packages as well. If your company offers a competitive benefit package that includes holiday pay, your company may be much more attractive. Holiday pay can also help boost employee morale and create employee goodwill for the employees that you already have! It helps show your employees that you care. Plus, it has the added benefit of encouraging some employees to work on holidays that they might not have. They’ll earn more money and you won’t be understaffed! You can use employee availability and requests combined with leave types to help you track holiday pay. This will help you keep your holiday pay organized and ensure that people get the paid holidays that they’re supposed to!

Well, what happens if you offer the day off with pay? Well, Paid Time Off (PTO) is tracked differently than Holiday Pay within TimeForge, but it’s still easy to manage.

As you can see, TimeForge can help you manage your employees’ holiday pay easily with the TimeForge Human Resources module. This is just another great way that TimeForge helps you save time and get back to doing what you want to do. If you’d like to add HR to your TimeForge package, please contact us.

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