by Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern

Are you annoyed with your employees playing on their phones all day? All that gaming might actually be helping them make faster decisions. Many gamers know that there are a genre of games that help teach basic skills in a risk-free environment. When you think of these games, you usually think of things like medical simulators that will allow nurses or doctors in training to practice diagnosing simulated patients, or pilots in training who will use flight simulators to learn how to properly fly a plane and navigate. However, would you be surprised that regular commercial gaming can also provide benefits?

The University of Rochester did a study comparing 18-to-25-year-olds who were not typical gamers. They had one group play Call of Duty 2 for 50 hours. They had the other group play The Sims 2 for 50 hours. They compared the decision making process between the two groups and found that those who played Call of Duty 2 actually made faster, just as accurate decisions as those who played The Sims 2. How does this benefit you, you may ask? This could mean you’ll have employees with faster, but equally accurate decisions when working in fast-paced, high pressure environments. When you’re in a circumstance where time is money, how long you take to make a decision matters. Maybe the members of Gen Y aren’t so bad!

Saving time in the business world is always important, so having employees who make faster decisions will help a lot in the long run. If you don’t have access to employees who are big gamers, consider hosting employee game nights to get everyone to play along! You’ll also boost employee morale, which improves productivity and reduces turnover. Who knew!?

There are lots of ways to get employees to utilize their work time more efficiently, but managers sometimes need some help too. Investing in labor management software, like TimeForge’s Scheduling system, might be the answer. A labor management solution could help your team do things faster by storing availability information in one location, having more easy-to-read schedules, and alerting employees of when their shifts are coming up. TimeForge saves businesses time and money!

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