by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate

Have you ever wished for an option to assign tasks to shifts while scheduling your staff?  Well, with TimeForge you can make that dream a reality!

TimeForge provides employers with tools to simplify employee task management, which helps simplify all labor management.  The Events feature is customizable, meaning you can use it to fit your specific needs.  One of the most popular ways our customers customize the Events feature is by using it to schedule employee tasks.

The Events feature can be renamed, so if you want to use it to for employee task management you can name it “Tasks.”  Then you can create and assign the different tasks your employees need to complete throughout certain periods of their shift.  For example, for the first hour of a shift, an employee may be assigned to restocking Aisle 1.  For the second hour, Aisle 2.  So on and so forth.  But, you don’t have to schedule by hours.  You can input whatever amount of time you would like your employee to have to complete a task, whether it be 5 minutes or the majority (or all) of the shift.

The great thing about this feature is it allows you to provide extra shift details when scheduling staff, thereby simplifying employee task management.  You can control where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing.  Employees will no longer have the excuse of, “I didn’t know I was supposed to be doing that right now” or, “but nobody told me that was my task.”  Managers won’t be stressed about handing out employee tasks everyday, and employees will know what they are assigned to do each shift.  In short, a whole new accountability system can be put in place to make sure your employees are doing exactly what they need to be doing!

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