Fast casual restaurants can be a challenging labor management environment. Figuring out how many employees it takes to staff a fast casual restaurant can be a difficult task. Restaurant managers must ensure that enough staff are on hand to meet customer needs, but also must take care to not have too many staff on hand. With a busy restaurant, manager’s don’t have the time to babysit the time clock and must often rely on employees to clock in at the right time. Clocking in early or clocking out late will cost the business extra money , money that could be allocated for other uses.

In a fast casual concept, many staff members perform more than one job while at work, and may have another job with another business as well. Cross training and constant communications about the schedule are key to labor scheduling success.

Other labor management problems include:

  • Fluctuating school schedules
  • Continuous availability changes
  • Young / inexperienced staff members
  • Buddy punching
  • And more …

Over scheduling the restaurant could drain away profits. Under scheduling staff might drain away your customers. Skillful scheduling of staff members for your business isn’t easy – it can be tedious and time consuming. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. TimeForge turns labor scheduling and attendance monitoring into a simple management task, giving you back your weekends and increasing profits.

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TimeForge will reduce turnover, improve retention, free up manager time, and increase store profitability at your business!   TimeForge employee scheduling and labor management software is used by owners and operators of fast casual restaurants, and other hospitality, food-service, retail, and other service-oriented businesses around the world.

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