TimeForge has gone beyond just creating the best employee schedules. With TimeForge, there are several pieces for you to play with. Some of the most important pieces pertain to the holiday seasons. TimeForge offers birthday reminders, holiday description changes, and the ability to assess meal penalties. All of these things will help make your TimeForge experience even better! With the constant addition of new features and modifications, we hope to increase the user-friendliness of our software while consistently reducing the amount of time it takes to create employee schedules and manage your labor force.

Birthday Alerts

Birthdays are a special time for everyone. The birthday cake in the break room is a sacred ritual in most offices. However, it is nearly impossible for managers to keep track of birthdays in addition to all of their other responsibilities. Never forget another birthday with TimeForge’s Birthday Reminders. TimeForge allows managers to view current and next day employee birthdays. Your employees are sure to feel appreciated when you remember their special day. (Disclaimer: Don’t blame us if they would rather you had kept their age a secret!)

Holiday Descriptions

Something that is perhaps even more necessary than birthdays are holiday descriptions. Holidays in TimeForge can be designated as either “working” or “non-working”. This also pertains to corresponding variances in pay that are associated with “working” and “non-working” holidays. This makes its easier for you to stipulate how much holiday pay will be paid out according to your unique business needs and regulations. Check out our blog to learn more about Holiday Pay from a legal standpoint.

Schedule in your Meal Penalties

One other feature of TimeForge is the versatility to meal penalties. Meal Penalties can be designated within your created schedule. This is necessary to avoid having meal penalties being counted as overtime. This will reduce the amount of errors that a manager can encounter entering meal penalties at a later time. Companies in states with very strict laws regarding meal penalties (How’s it going, California?) will appreciate the added control afforded by these options.

Here at TimeForge, we strive to create practical solutions in our software that are applicable to companies of any size. We value your business and if you have any questions or concerns about TimeForge’s latest updates, please contact us at support@TimeForge.com

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