What’s your name?
Emmanuel Aguilar

What do you do at TimeForge?

How long have you been working with TimeForge?
Since May 23, 2012

What’s your favorite part of working at TimeForge?
My favorite parts of working at TimeForge are flexible schedules and a friendly environment. It is also a great learning experience.

How do you make the lives of TimeForge customers better?
I make their lives better by fixing issues with code that may or may not be working as the customer expects. Also by updating existing code for a specific purpose.

What was your first hourly job?
When I was 15 I started working at a firework stand every 4th of July.

What was your first restaurant or retail job?
When I turned 16 I landed my first retail job working at Target doing stocking/hardlines/cashier.

What’s your favorite hobby?
I have many hobbies that include playing basketball, playing football, bowling, lifting weights, skeet shooting and working on cars. My favorite hobby depends on the day.

What’s your favorite sports team?
By far the Denver Broncos. Been a fan since John Elway in ’97.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a parakeet