When setting up your TimeForge account, you can use the Set Up Wizard and User Wizard to guide you through the process of entering your employee information.

Input contact information for your employees, and TimeForge will automatically email them with information about creating and logging in to their own TimeForge account. Through their TimeForge account, your staff can make schedule requests, receive messages (like memos) from you, view upcoming schedules, and check on their time sheets / attendance. Of course, if you want to limit their access to any of these features, you can do that in the “Settings” menu for each of your business locations.

Additionally, employees can provide their contact information (like cell phone number and Facebook information), and we will automatically notify them about any upcoming schedules you post that might affect them. When we notify your employees, we record the notification, so that you can run an audit report – ensuring that staff members are receiving and responding to schedule updates. This completely eliminates the “I never got the schedule / memo / note” excuse!

Through our automatic notification system, your employees will always be up to date on the latest schedule, eliminating any confusion about schedule information, improving your staff’s tardiness, and ultimately improving your bottom line!

Read our guide on setting up employee accounts with the User Wizard to get started.

Read our guide on editing your Notification preferences to modify how and when your employees receive TimeForge Notifications.

Sign up for a free trial today to see how TimeForge improves employee satisfaction, reducing turnover and improving your bottom line!

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