Founded in 2000, Seattle-based Dinerware provides restaurant point of sale software solutions to the hospitality industry. Dinerware can be found in upscale restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bar and grills, fast casual restaurants, counter service establishments, quick serve restaurants, hotels, casinos, golf courses and wineries.

Dinerware Restaurant POS Software

Dinerware has a really cool startup story. Carl English is a Harvard graduate who used to be the Microsoft Program Manager… this guy really knows his software! He started running his own restaurant, and learned first-hand what many restaurateurs experience every time they use a touchscreen system. He saw how much time it took to complete simple tasks.

Carl used his software expertise to create Dinerware, a point of sale system built around the restaurateur’s needs. The product is highly flexible, and enables the user to accomplish tasks easily and communicate with the entire staff.   Dinerware tracks all sales, provides report breakdowns by tender type, and calculates the server banks. Server reconciliation is fast so servers and cashiers can print daily reports and settle with the house in minutes.   This saves restaurants time, money

Dinerware is an amazing POS system, and TimeForge is proud to partner with such an innovative company to provide you with superior total management of labor and sales. TimeForge and Dinerware compliment one another, and integration of the two is fast and easy!

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