Like everyone else, correctional facilities are facing increasing pressure to cut costs. Labor costs can be one of the largest costs facing correctional facilities, so it’s only natural that there is an increased scrutiny on projected labor costs. But forecasting labor costs can be difficult without the proper tools.

TimeForge provides over 30 reports that enable you to follow labor costs in real-time and predict future labor costs accurately.

TimeForge can also reduce your paperwork time from hours to minutes by streamlining the labor management process through our automated software. Creating a correctional officer duty roster can be a hassle. You coordinate 24/7 shifts, multiple employees, required skill sets, major and minor shift, each officer’s availability, accrued PTO, and meal breaks. While juggling this officer information, you also need to ensure that all posts are adequately covered, but also minimize overtime. Once you are finished, an officer or employee will inevitably request unexpected time off or a shift swap, so you’ll need to restart the entire process.

Without the right tools, notifying everyone about the finished schedule (and any schedule changes that arise) can be frustrating for everyone involved. Failure to communicate effectively can lead to staff shortages when an officer or employee misses a shift, which unfairly encroaches on the personal time of other employees who unexpectedly need to cover that shift. Unexpected schedule changes (like fills for missed shifts) lead to negative job satisfaction and increased turnover.  TimeForge addresses high turnover at the source: miscommunication. You can notify officers about the schedule and any changes through TimeForge automated text message, email, or through social networking sites (like Facebook).

Much like communicating the schedule, attendance monitoring is often dreaded by correctional facility managers. Monitoring attendance is a hassle. It can feel like you’re babysitting your employees, and requires a lot of your time. However,  it is absolutely necessary in order to control labor costs. TimeForge can help with your attendance monitoring needs by preventing early clock ins or late clock outs, preventing staff from buddy punching, and equipping you with the power to see who is (and who is not) clocked in… whether you’re on site or at a remote location. You can monitor attendance through your TimeForge website account, from your smartphone, or through a social networking account (like Facebook).

TimeForge is an essential (and easy-to-use) labor management software for correctional facilities, but if you are still not convinced, read what TimeForge users are saying here.

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