Operational aspects such as inventory control, portion sizing, reducing turnover, improving employee retention, and training are all import aspects of businesses that can be forgotten about during good times.

Jim Sullivan, the chief executive of Sullivision.com recently enclosed “In hard times, control costs instead of hiding your inefficiencies by just pumping up volume” at Nation’s Restaurant News.  Although his article is meant for restaurants, it is also applicable to retailers, hotels, and other similar businesses. Jim covers a number of issues, including one aspect of running a business that is often forgotten in the day to day operations:

Remember, all money is not created equal: $100 in sales is $100 less taxes and expenses; $100 in savings is $100. Here are some fiscal fundamentals to review and execute with your team in both tough times and boom times.

Now is the perfect time to revisit your business’s operational procedures. It is very important to be efficient and cost conscience. This will immediately improve profitability at your business. A variety of tools, including TimeForge, are designed to improve cost controls at your business – producing schedules in minutes instead of hours.

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