Because TimeForge tracks Time and Attendance (employee time cards, sick days, vacation time, and PTO requests), we try to keep current on the many issues surrounding employee work scheduling and payroll in the restaurant and retail industries.

The debate on mandatory paid sick days  resurfaced in Connecticut at the  end of March as legislators debated House Bill 6187 which would mandate six paid sick days per year to businesses with 50 or more employees.   Proponents of the bill are trying to drum up support for this bill as a health policy issue because sick food service and hospitality can spread illness to the public.   Sick employees can make the public sick, creating a public health concern.

The Connecticut Restaurant Association, as well as other organizations,  is tracking the issue. Whatever the eventual outcome of the bill, you can count on TimeForge to minimize the burden of accurately tracking  paid sick days and other requests for time off.

How complicated is the employee schedule at your restaurant?   Are you making the best possible labor schedule, or are you wasting precious labor?   How much turnover is created because of bad (or late) employee work schedules? Did you know that TimeForge can improve retention, reduce turnover, and increase profits at your restaurant? Sign up today for a free trial!

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