Another new TimeForge feature has arrived: Call to Clock In!  This clever feature is perfect for employees that work off site or do not have handy access to a computer, such as employees at an aquatic center. No longer will employees have to trek across the complex to get to their station after clocking in; they can simply call and clock in when they get there with our Call To Clock In feature.  If your employees tend to ride the clock, that means you won’t have to pay them for travel time – time that they aren’t working, during which employees can stop to chat or dilly-dally.  On the same token, you won’t have to go back and input employee attendance for those that have been writing down their time spent on location.  That’s time you save… and money you don’t have to pay employees when they’re not working.

Our phone time clock is a simple-to-use feature.  Employees call a number that will prompt them to enter their unique TimeForge id (a seven digit id unique to each TimeForge user) and their password.  Then it will tell employees what their status is (clocked out or clocked in) and ask them if they would like to clock in (or clock out).  Additionally, there is the option for you to call TimeForge and set up your own individual phone time clock number within your area code (for an extra fee).  An individualized phone time clock number allows employees to clock in with just an internal number (which is often shorter than the TimeForge id) and a password.  All attendance information is stored in the TimeForge database once employees begin clocking in and out, so managers can easily view who is clocked in and easily process payroll data at the end of the pay period.

There are some extra slick features that come with call to clock in.  Employers can limit what phone numbers can be used to clock in from.  This eliminates the worry of employees clocking in from their cellphone on the way to work.  Also, the call to clock in feature works with the time clocks TimeForge already works with…  So an employee can call to clock in and then clock out on a wall-mounted clock if necessary.  And, of course, that handy ability to enforce the schedule is available so employees cannot call and clock in before they are supposed to (according to the schedule).

If you’re interested in learning more about the Call to Clock In feature, please contact us.

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