by Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern

Have you heard about our new Call To Clock In feature? It allows employees to simply call up a phone number and enter their PIN to clock in quickly! This is a great new feature for places that need to clock in but don’t necessarily have easy access to a computer! Instead of using a biometric time clock, how about using a phone time clock? Places like aquatic centers, mobile kitchens, or any business with employees who need to get clocked in fast would benefit from this great service. The Call To Clock In feature can be part of the TimeForge Attendance module and has custom pricing to better fit your business needs. Please contact us for further information on pricing.

When you choose to use the Call To Clock In feature, you can either choose to use a national number and have your employees enter their 7-digit TimeForge PIN or you can choose a local phone number and have your employees enter a PIN that you set up! You can even lock it down to employees can only clock in from certain phone numbers – eliminating the ability for employees to call in from their cell phones when they’re at home. This turns a work phone, and only a work phone, into a telephone time clock.

When you pair TimeForge Attendance with Call To Clock In, you get an amazing piece of software that will help your employees clock in and get to work faster, view their time cards online and help you track time without pain! All of this adds up to saving you time and money, helping you get back to what you’d rather be doing. This is a great, simple time clock, since you don’t have to buy any new pieces of hardware! Give TimeForge a call at 866-684-7191 so we can set up a custom quote for you today.

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