A biometric time clock can go a long way to helping your managers save time and money.  Not only does it reduce the amount of time managers spend processing data, it also reduces buddy punching and sweethearting.  Never again will you have to worry if you are paying employees for time they have not actually worked.

Biometric scanning can measure many individual attributes of an employee: the retina of the eye, a fingerprint, even voice. Therefore, any of these things can be used to identify an employee. No more buddy punching. Joe Schmoo cannot physically clock in for Sally Sue. Not without her fingerprint. Now you will always know when Sally Sue is late.

Our fingerprint scanner remembers a finger by a certain number of characteristics within the fingerprint, not the fingerprint itself.  The number of characteristics can be determined by changing the settings on the software. If the domain for the number of characteristics remembered is low, it is possible several employees will match the print pulled from the database.  The more characteristics needed to make a match, the more secure the log in. However, the finger must be placed accurately each time to ensure the same characteristics are scanned, which can result in problems for wiggle worms.

A good solution to this dilemma is using a pin and a set number of characteristics to log in an employee. Then, when an employee enters his or her pin, the software pulls up their file and compares the fingerprint only to the one associated with the file instead of searching the entire database for a match. This makes it easier to ensure no employee is clocking in for someone else and provides accurate data about employee time and attendance.


We give you two options when it comes to buying a fingerprint scanner: an actual biometric time clock to hang on the wall for employees to clock in and out on, and a USB plug in for a computer that works with our software.  The USB scanner is mobile and not restricted by physical location.  However, unlike the wall clock, it must be directly connected to a computer through a USB port.

By far the coolest thing about our biometric products is that they work directly with our online attendance software.  So once Sally Sue clocks in, the computer associated with that biometric time clock sends that information to the internet where it is stored on our website.  That means you can access it from anywhere there is a connection to the world wide web.  And your payroll data processing suddenly becomes a snap because you no longer have to calculate everything; just click to review and approve, and click “export”.


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