by Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern

As technology advances, so do our methods for tracking metrics for our businesses. We need to know who’s clocked in, who’s clocked out, how long people are working, how much they’re getting paid, and when lunch breaks are. There’s so much information to keep track of and it can get pretty confusing sometimes… Especially if you have multiple managers to communicate with! Keeping track of what time everybody clocks in is time-consuming! Your employees can get stuck in a line at the time clock, waiting to find their time cards, writing information down, or just plain forgetting their clock in information for a computer system. Biometric time clocks help get your employees clocked in faster and get them out on the floor working.

At the end of the week, managers have to sit down and transfer all of the attendance information into a computer for payroll processing, which leaves a lot of room for error. Biometric fingerprint readers can automatically send employee information to your absence management system, saving you and your managers countless hours of transferring data. Using biometric fingerprint scanners also rids you of time clock cards. Instead, all you need is your finger!

Biometric time clocks are a great solution if you need to eliminate buddy punching or sweethearting, and they can easily interact with attendance management software, saving you and your business both time and money. Let’s put your managers back out on the floor. Why would you keep using old-fashioned methods of keeping track of attendance when you can upgrade and make your life a lot easier? Put down the pen and paper, step away from the Excel spreadsheets, and think about switching over to a fingerprint reader instead.

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