by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate

AutoScheduling employees…that sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?  You would never have to sit down and puzzle over that awful spreadsheet again.  You would be able to get back on the floor with customers and employees.  TimeForge brings you the solution to help you do just that!  Our system can AutoSchedule employees, which means it can save you time and money… and get you back into your business.

With TimeForge’s AutoScheduler, you don’t waste hours confirming that every shift has the correct staff member assigned to it. The AutoScheduler comprehends the myriad guidelines, such as minimum and maximum weekly hours for employees, whether employees should work doubles (or triples), labor costs, skill levels of each employee, and employee availability and requests. With this knowledge, and with a couple of clicks from your mouse, TimeForge automatically schedules the best workers for the best shifts.

TimeForge has another handy feature that helps automate the employee scheduling process: Daily Templates. Each Daily Template can have shifts which are already given to salaried employees, or they can be left blank for a manager or the AutoScheduler to fill. Many TimeForge customers have Templates for every day of the week, and extra Templates for holidays and special events. Then there is a spiffy option that allows managers to select AutoSchedule for shifts, and the software will automatically put in an employee that is qualified and available to work!

Work rules (set by you, such as employee minimum and maximum hours) and employee availability and requests (set by employees or managers) allows the system to auto schedule employees to the best possible shift, saving you time and money, and ultimately simplifying labor management. All this so you can get out of that back office and back to what needs done!

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