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  TimeForge Labor Scheduling Screen Shots
  See TimeForge in action. The following screen shots are only a sample of the power and simplicity of the best employee scheduling tool available. Sign up today for a FREE trial, and put TimeForge to use for your business - immediately!
TimeForge's New User Registration screen The timeforge new user registration which does not require payment information.
Company Settings and Configuration Define company contact information in the Setup Wizard (for your reports). You can also configure TimeForge to work the you do by setting your TimeForge configuration.
Easily Add or Modify Positions / Job Codes Easily add positions (or job codes) and define their pay rates.
Adding or Modifying Employees is Simple! Employees can be added easily through the User Wizard.
Employees can work many positions with differing pay scales. Each employee can have their own payrates and skill levels setup, to distinguish between experienced and inexperienced staff.
Creating shifts for the schedule is simple! Shifts can be added to a schedule easily, and can be fixed to a specific employee or left open for assignment based on daily requirements.
This page displays every aspect of your schedule. The schedule screen displays employees, positions, stations, and costs for each day. The AutoScheduler&trade can automatically assign employees in seconds.
You can build separate schedules for BOH or FOH operations You can have as many schedules as you need, and each schedule can be for as long as you require.
Labor Cost Grid report detailing costs per day, position, employee, and shift. Powerful management features like the Labor Cost Grid report, simplify labor reporting.
Labor Posting report, suitable for posting in your restaurant, bar, or club. Schedules can be viewed using a "traditional" approach with the Labor Posting report.
Modifying Position and pay scales is easy! Modifying positions (or job codes) can be done easily.
Employees can login to TimeForge at any time to create schedule requests. Each employee can be modified individually. Each employee can login to the system to check their schedule.
Create Schedule Templates to make scheduling employees even MORE simple Templates can be defined to speed up the scheduling process. Adding templates is as simple as creating schedules!
Managers and employees can create schedule requests that appear on the schedule, if approved. Employees and managers can create Schedule Requests which can be approved or denied. Simple!
Daily reminders of pending schedule requests and a graphical view of today's schedule are always available for managers. Managers can easily view the daily schedule and any pending requests from employees.

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