Get the most out of your Today Page

This guide provides an overview of the Today Page from a Manager’s perspective, starting with what you see when you first log in.


The top of the “Today” page shows:

  1. the weather for today and tomorrow,
  2. a link to go straight to your unread messages, and a link to go straight to the pending Availability & Requests, in order to approve/deny employees’ requests for time off,
  3. and a Clock In/Out box.

Labor Management Dashboard – The Upcoming Week

The majority of the Today page is occupied by the labor management dashboard.  This dashboard changes in real time to display shift confirmations, open shifts, shift swap requests, scheduled labor costs, actual labor costs, and other helpful information.

Labor Management Dashboard - The Upcoming Week

Labor Management Dashboard – Each Day (First 8 Rows)

Labor Management Dashboard - Each Day (First 8 Rows)

Each day of the labor management dashboard is broken down into several rows.

  1. The first row of data shows how many employees are scheduled for the day. Click on this link to get a bar chart showing the day’s schedule.
  2. The second row of data shows any unconfirmed shifts from your staff members, providing you with an idea of how many employees have confirmed their scheduled shifts through TimeForge. Clicking on this link will allow you to further examine which shifts have or have not been confirmed.
  3. The third row of data displays how many Pending Shift Swaps need to be approved for that particular day.  Clicking on this link will take you to a screen to approve or deny the pending shift swaps.
  4. The fourth row of data displays how many Open Shift Swaps occur on that day. An Open Shift Swap is a shift that has been given up, but not yet picked up. Clicking on this link will take you to a page displaying more detail about the Open Shift Swaps, as well as any Pending Shift Swaps.
  5. The fifth row of data displays the number of Pending Bid Shifts that need to be approved.  A bid shift is similar to a shift swap, however, multiple staff members can bid on the shift and management can then choose the best of the employees to work the shift.
  6. The sixth row of data shows how many availability requests are pending. From here you can approve or deny requests.
  7. The seventh row of data displays how many applicants have applied for a posted job. Clicking the link will take you to a page with a list of the applicants where you can view their information.
  8. The eighth row of data displays today’s schedule in a bar chart format, and is somewhat similar to the first row.


Labor Management Dashboard – Each Day (Last 10 Rows)

Labor Management Dashboard - Each Day (Last 10 Rows)

  1. The ninth row of data will provide the day’s schedule in a horizontal or vertical format, allowing you to print the schedule and place it in your pocket.
  2. The tenth row of data will allow you to quickly see how many staff members are clocked in, and clicking on the link will send you to the “Clocked In” Employees page.
  3. The eleventh row of data displays the number of Daily Log Entries for the day, and clicking on this link will take you to the Daily Log.
  4. The twelfth row of data displays the day’s scheduled labor costs, if any labor costs have been entered for employees.
  5. The thirteenth row of data displays the actual cost of employees that have clocked in and out for the day, and is the total of the day’s labor.
  6. The fourteenth row of data displays the difference between the scheduled labor costs, and the actual attendance cost.  If the number is in green, the actual labor costs for the day are less than what was scheduled (Good job!), if they are in red, then the labor costs are higher than what was scheduled.
  7. The fifteenth row of data displays the weekly labor cost to date and will update throughout the day.
  8. The sixteenth row of data displays your scheduled labor cost ratio or percentage, depending on how you have configured your sales categories. The number will turn red if you have exceeded your target ratio/percentage.
  9. The seventeenth row of data displays your actual labor cost ratio or percentage. The number will turn red if it exceeds either your target ratio/percentage, or your scheduled ratio/percentage.
  10. The last row of data displays your gross sales for the day and updates in real time.

The Bottom of the Today Page

At the bottom of the Today page is a list of employee email addresses that seem to be bouncing, or are incorrectly entered in the software. These staff members may not be getting messages about the schedule.

What do employees see when they log in?

When employees log in to their TimeForge accounts, they will each see a monthly calendar view on their Today pages, including:

  1. a View Messages link
  2. a Clock In/Out box

heartWhat some of our clients have to say ...

We are one year into it now, well past being enamored with the newness. We are married to TimeForge. It's as essential to us now as any of our management tools today, and we very happy about that.- Steve @ Hermosa Cyclery
We really like the program so far. I know that it is geared towards restaurants, but we are a real estate company and we love it because it is inexpensive and it is so easy to use.- Nicole @ Exit Premier Realty
The Timeforge scheduling system has not only increased our efficiency tremendously; decreased the errors in what is normally an error prone environment; it has also saved us ten times what it costs us each month.- Michael @ Tiara Cafe
I would highly recommend TimeForge to anyone making work schedules. ... What used to take 1-2 hours, now takes 15 minutes. The reports section is comprehensive and useful.- Lawrence Payne @ Mid Pacific Country Club
I've been really pleased with this latest version of TimeForge. I'm really getting familiar with this program and its become a great time saver! Keep up the good work!- Loren @ Fresh Produce
Before using TimeForge, creating a schedule took 2 hours. With TimeForge, it takes less than 10 minutes.- Gail @ Kerr Drug

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