Advantages of the Daily Log

In many businesses that aren’t using TimeForge and don’t have access to the “Daily Log,” keeping track of the daily notes, task lists, todo items, and sticky notes can become quickly cumbersome and things still often get lost or forgotten. Scheduling upcoming maintenance, human resource tasks, management meetings, and other necessary items across multiple shifts – where the manager that created the event may not be the manager responsible for the event – can quickly become a nightmare. All of this is on top of having to keep track of employee attendance and employee schedules. Communication among staff and the management team is a requirement for every business, in any industry.  And, as your business grows, keeping up with the pile of paperwork and small notes gets perpetually more difficult.

Some businesses tackle the tornado of paper and notes with supplies from the local office supply store – notebooks, lab notebooks, 3-ring binders, and other similar products. While these products are very inexpensive, the disadvantages are obvious:  

  •   Paper products will tear with any mild abuse.
  •   Writing can be smudged or rendered unreadable with a single drink spill, or wet hands.
  •   Staff using ink pens can scratch out each others notes, making notes indecipherable.
  •   Handwriting from management and staff in a hurry can be unreadable weeks or months after the note is made.
  •   Light weight notebooks can easily be lost in a back office.
  •   Searching dozens of paper notebooks for historical notes is impossible.
  •   Organizing paper books into categories on a day-by-day basis is cumbersome at best.
  •   Multi-unit (multiple location) operators have no insight into the day-to-day operations of each location without faxing and scanning pages to each other.

In most cases, the paper log book is simply insufficient for modern businesses. Many niche businesses provide organized paper equivalents of the 3-ring binder or lab notebook, like RedBook Communications and CommLog.  While these product are superior to paper notebooks from your local office supply store, almost of the disadvantages of the paper process remain.  In addition, the log books are organized in a format that might not work for your business.

Good news. The TimeForge Daily Log does not suffer from any of these disadvantages. The TimeForge Daily Log is a superior digital log book, designed to work the way that your business works. Some of the advantages of the TimeForge Daily Log include:

  •   You always know where it is. Simply log in to your TimeForge account with a web browser, or mobile phone. It’s never lost, always accessible, and always on.
  •   Notes are never smudged, because they are entered into the computer. So, there’s no need to remember acronyms, abbreviations, or interpret sloppy handwriting.
  •   Staff and Management notes cannot be removed … they can be deleted (removed from searching), but they are always available. You’ll never lose another note!
  •   Every note is tagged with the staff member who entered it, and the date and time that the entry was made. There will be no more finger pointing over late or misplaced notes.
  •   Organize the way your business works, with your own categories. Use your own organization system to track any note or reminder you need.
  •   Built in searching capabilities allow you to quickly and easily search notes. You can search instantly for notes by staff member, date, category, or across multiple locations!
  •   Keep notes organized across multiple stores, without the need to fax or scan pages from your notebook. You have instant accessibility to one or more locations!
  •   Divide notes into what staff should see (the Staff Log) and what management needs to view (the Manager Log). Send broadcast notes to staff, and ensure that manager notes are only viewed by managers.

Use the TimeForge Daily Log to keep your business organized!

The Daily Log interface.

The Daily Log has an easy to use interface. Here is some information of what everything does in the Daily Log.

1.  Searching the Daily Log can be accomplished from the left-side pane. You can restrict your search by category, the manager who created the log entry, by date range, or the employee that the note is associated with.

2.  Logs for the day are displayed in an easy to read format.

3.  Navigate to other days by choosing a date and clicking “show.”

4.  Switch between the Manager Log (viewable only by management staff), the Staff Log (viewable by all staff members), and the TimeForge Audit Log (contains audit information about changes made within TimeForge).

5.  Add a New Daily Log entry with a single click!

6.  Choose how business is doing (if it is slower or busier than normal) or if it is a holiday.

heartWhat some of our clients have to say ...

We are one year into it now, well past being enamored with the newness. We are married to TimeForge. It's as essential to us now as any of our management tools today, and we very happy about that.- Steve @ Hermosa Cyclery
We really like the program so far. I know that it is geared towards restaurants, but we are a real estate company and we love it because it is inexpensive and it is so easy to use.- Nicole @ Exit Premier Realty
The Timeforge scheduling system has not only increased our efficiency tremendously; decreased the errors in what is normally an error prone environment; it has also saved us ten times what it costs us each month.- Michael @ Tiara Cafe
I would highly recommend TimeForge to anyone making work schedules. ... What used to take 1-2 hours, now takes 15 minutes. The reports section is comprehensive and useful.- Lawrence Payne @ Mid Pacific Country Club
I've been really pleased with this latest version of TimeForge. I'm really getting familiar with this program and its become a great time saver! Keep up the good work!- Loren @ Fresh Produce
Before using TimeForge, creating a schedule took 2 hours. With TimeForge, it takes less than 10 minutes.- Gail @ Kerr Drug

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