Exporting Payroll for SurePayroll

TimeForge is an extensive and powerful time and attendance management package, and you can begin to see some of TimeForge’s power by using the attendance tracking capabilities.  Many, but not all, of the time and attendance functionality occurs within the Attendance tab.

After you have collected time cards for all of your employees, and have made sure that the time punches are correct, you can export your payroll to a variety of supported payroll platforms, including SurePayroll, ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks, and others.

Here are the steps you should take to export payroll for SurePayroll.

Enter employee payroll ID’s

Enter employee payroll ID's

SurePayroll will provide each of your staff members with a unique payroll ID that will allow you to export time card information for your staff.

You can view and add a Payroll ID by going to the employee contact information page. Before you export payroll, it is important to make sure that each staff member’s payroll ID has been entered correctly.

Navigate to the “Approve/Export Payroll” page.

Navigate to the "Approve/Export Payroll" page.
  • Hover over the “Attendance” tab
  • Click “Approve/Export Payroll”

Choose a pay period.

Choose a pay period.

Choose the pay period you would like to export. Normally, this will be the most recent payroll period that has ended.

Note: To use TimeForge payroll approval, you must configure the payroll period for your location.

Review and approve attendance.

Review and approve attendance.

If this is the first time processing the pay period, TimeForge will display a list of all time card entries for the pay period. You can review staff member time cards by date, time, employee, position, or cost.

Additionally, TimeForge will display outliers, or the “Most Different” time entries, so that you can quickly and easily identify time punches that may be wrong or problematic. Focusing on time entries labeled “Very Different” will allow you to find missed punches, late and early clock ins, employees who forgot to clock out, and other strange data before you have approved the payroll for SurePayroll.

After approving time punches for the pay period, you will not be able to edit the time punches inside of TimeForge. Instead, you will need to make the appropriate changes in your payroll program.

Note:  You will not be able to approve payroll if employees are currently clocked in for the time period.

When you are ready to Approve payroll, click on the “Approve Attendance Export” at the bottom of the screen.

Choose SurePayroll for the Payroll Provider

Choose SurePayroll for the Payroll Provider

Choose SurePayroll from the drop-down list of payroll providers.

Each provider has a different file format – choosing the correct provider is crucial.

Note: TimeForge also has a “Generic CSV export” that can be used if your payroll provider doesn’t appear on this list.

Payroll export results to SurePayroll.

Payroll export results to SurePayroll.

TimeForge will process the attendance entries for the pay period you selected, and will return a payroll file to you.  You can then upload the file to SurePayroll for further processing.

If any problems are found, such as a missing employee payroll ID, TimeForge will prompt you to correct these problems before exporting the data.

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We are one year into it now, well past being enamored with the newness. We are married to TimeForge. It's as essential to us now as any of our management tools today, and we very happy about that.- Steve @ Hermosa Cyclery
We really like the program so far. I know that it is geared towards restaurants, but we are a real estate company and we love it because it is inexpensive and it is so easy to use.- Nicole @ Exit Premier Realty
The Timeforge scheduling system has not only increased our efficiency tremendously; decreased the errors in what is normally an error prone environment; it has also saved us ten times what it costs us each month.- Michael @ Tiara Cafe
I would highly recommend TimeForge to anyone making work schedules. ... What used to take 1-2 hours, now takes 15 minutes. The reports section is comprehensive and useful.- Lawrence Payne @ Mid Pacific Country Club
I've been really pleased with this latest version of TimeForge. I'm really getting familiar with this program and its become a great time saver! Keep up the good work!- Loren @ Fresh Produce
Before using TimeForge, creating a schedule took 2 hours. With TimeForge, it takes less than 10 minutes.- Gail @ Kerr Drug

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