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Trusted by more than 1000 restaurant, retail and food-service companies.
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"After searching for years, we couldn't find a decent scheduling solution and even looked at ridiculously expensive software used in other industries. Just as frustration caused us to look into writing our own software, we found TimeForge. They had by far the best software and a great service attitude."

- George, Bread and Company

Save Time with TimeForge!

We believe managers should be on the floor, working with employees and customers - not stuck in the office trying to schedule labor. With TimeForge, requests, availability, and schedules are archived forever, and can be viewed from any computer with Internet access.


Our AutoScheduler™ builds schedules in less than 30 seconds!

Fast, Reliable, Hassle-Free

Since TimeForge is hosted on our safe, fast, and reliable web servers, you don't need to worry about a thing. All you need is
a web browser (IE 6/7, Firefox, or Safari) and an internet
connection to access your schedules.


No programs to install or maintain!

"We really like the program so far. I know that it is geared towards restaurants, but we are a real estate company and we love it because it is inexpensive and it is so easy to use."
- Nicole, Exit Premier Realty

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"It's cut my time to make a schedule in half!"
- Sherry, Music Man's BBQ
TimeForge's AutoScheduler Easily Notify Employees Track Labor Costs
Build schedules quickly using availability, requests, and your business requirements.
Notify Employees
Instantly notify employees of schedule changes through email and text messaging.
Targeted Reports
Quickly compare theoretical and actual costs to keep track of your labor costs.

Who uses TimeForge?

More than 1000 restaurant, bar, and club owners, operators, and managers are using TimeForge. Other similar businesses such as bakeries, caterers, retail businesses, realty companies, and food service manufacturers are also using TimeForge to assist with their workforce scheduling needs.

Easy and Fast Scheduling

TimeForge features an advanced AutoScheduler™ system which can build a complete schedule in seconds. Schedules can be visualized in many different ways, and employees are automatically notified of schedule changes through the website, e-mail, and text messaging.

Reduce Employee Turnover!

Turnover is a huge problem in our industry. With TimeForge, employees know when they are working (web, email, and text message notifications), can request time off, swap shifts, and change their availability directly from the website. Happy employees stay with their current employer!

Safe, private, secure

Your TimeForge account is password protected and safe from prying eyes. Employees can have their own username and password and can access TimeForge to retrieve schedules, make schedule requests, and swap shifts with other employees. Employees cannot view other employee or manager account information. TimeForge is secured with SSL encryption, just like your bank uses!

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